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Ouch! No San Diego dental patient wants the pain and inconvenience of a cracked tooth, so today in the Jeff Gray DDS dental blog we are going to focus on how to avoid this preventable problem.

The first thing to remember is that avoiding a cracked tooth is not rocket science; you should steer clear of chewing on hard things if you don’t want a cracked tooth! This includes ice, hard candy, and (sorry Santee cinephiles) popcorn.

Also, protect against any impact to the mouth that could be experienced during sporting events. If you are a member of a local Alpine or Jamul rec center basketball, ultimate frisbee, or flag football league, get fitted for a performance mouthguard at your local San Diego dental office.

Tooth grinding is never a good thing, and it can even lead to a cracked tooth or temporomandibular conditions. Talk to your dentist, doctor, or physical therapist and try some stress reduction techniques to keep your jaw nice and relaxed.

Be sure to keep your regular checkups with your San Diego dentist, because your dentist can spot possible problems that could predispose you to a cracked tooth, such as an uneven chewing surface or brittle teeth.

If you have a cracked tooth, you’ll want to pursue the correct course of treatment and, if needed, explore some cosmetic dentistry procedures to fix any visible damage such as veneers, a porcelain crown, or a dental implant.

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Not Happy With Your Gums? Ask About Contouring In La Mesa

Not Happy With Your Gums? Ask About Contouring In La Mesa

Some San Diego and La Mesa dental patients who are interested in a full smile makeover might want to consider gum contouring. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is helpful for people who feel that their gums rest too low or too high on their teeth.

If you feel that your gums cover too much of the surface of your teeth, it may seem that your teeth are too small and out of proportion with your mouth. For Alpine, Jamul, and Santee residents who have teeth that appear too long, gum contouring may help with your appearance, but your La Mesa dentist may also feel that it is necessary to counteract gum recession, a condition that can lead to periodontal disease.

Talk to your San Diego area dentist about gum contouring. Many periodontists in the La Mesa area perform this procedure, as well as some general dentists.

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Use Five Fingers for Quick and Healthy Flossing in La Mesa

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5 flossing steps made so easy you can tick them off one finger at a time, thanks to Jeff Gray DDS, on the web at

Thumbkin: Thumb to Chest Reminder
Thumb to chest can remind me that this isn’t for my friends. Brushing the goobers off so I don’t gross them out, rinsing with mouthwash for fresh breath as I speak – that is for friends. Flossing is for me, myself and I. I want healthy gums, therefore I floss.

Pointer: Pointer Fingers Measure
How much floss will I need to floss my 32 teeth? The American Dental Association suggests you start with about 18 inches. About 6 lengths of your pointer finger should suffice.

Tall Man: Wrap the Middle Fingers
This is a team effort. With the middle fingers wound up in the floss, the thumb and forefinger can grip and guide the floss into place. After curving the floss around the tooth in a “C” shape, and wiping away plaque with an up and down motion, then “unspool” the floss for a new section for the next tooth’s edges.

Ring Man: The Smell Test
Many a long-term relationship has been cut short due to not-so-fresh breath. Smell floss before going between teeth. Smell it after. Bad smell? Brushing is not cleaning away that bacteria well enough. Hurray for floss! This smell test says the brushing needs to be adjusted. Be gentle with your gums. Keep those spots at the base of your teeth bacteria free.

Pinky: Time to Promise
Make the commitment now. Every time you look at your pinky, remember that you pinky promised to keep those gums free from disease. Flossing isn’t so much about removing food as it is about removing dental plaque. Plaque causes tooth decay and inflamed gums. Periodontal disease eventually leads to tooth loss. Tooth neglect is a slippery slope.

I’m Dr. Jeff Gray at Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry. I encourage you to take care of your oral health needs for a happier, healthier life.

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