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Smiles For Life Foundation – Whiten Your Teeth and Help a Child

Smiles for Life teeth whitening San DiegoJeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry is committed to several charity organizations throughout North America. The two most predominant charities are the Teammates for Kids Foundation started with superstar Garth Brooks. The other is the Smiles For Life Foundation. This charity is committed to helping out children all over North America by donating all proceeds from Tooth Whitening. Smiles For Life has raised over $35 million dollars in the last 15 years. The City of San Diego is also committed to helping children by working with Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry and declaring April 19th, SMILES FOR LIFE DAY.

In The Media – Teammates

Garth Brooks Teams with Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry To Benefit Children’s Charities Through Tooth Whiteninggarth_fullsize

On January 29th, Garth Brooks surprised our annual Crown Council meeting, to announce a partnership between his charity, “Teammates”, and our “Smiles for Life” programs.

Both the Smiles for Life program, which has raised over $22 million, in the past 10 years and the partnership with Garth, were created right here in our office. We are proud to be the originators and founders of this incredible program.

How Does It Work?

The patient comes to our office or any participating office for a quick and simple visit. At this time, molds of your teeth are taken to make some custom fitted trays that you wear at home at your convenience. This initial visit should take less than 30 minutes of your time. We give you everything you’ll need to be on your way to a beautifully, whiter smile in just days. Most people notice dramatic improvement in just 7-10 days time.

The Best Part

100% of the fee, which is a which is a nice savings from our regular fee, goes right to the kids. All the material has been donated by Discus Dental™ (the #1 whitening company in the US) and the dentists have all chipped in to cover the overhead. Your check or credit card is made out directly to “Smiles for Life.” No money goes to the dental offices. It all goes to the kids.

How Long Does It Last?

Most people find the results last between 1 – 2 years, depending on their diet. At that time, or any time, you can simply do a touch up.

Won’t you please join Dr. Gray in this wonderful program to “Touch” the lives of children everywhere and to help them “Smile for Life?”

warriorfoundationWe are very proud of what we do her in our office. We look at the “bigger picture” and realize restoring your mouth and your smile is about more than just teeth. We help you feel more comfortable, more confident and healthier, which affect more than your teeth. It affects your life.

We are passionate about providing the highest level of service to our patients and also passionate about supporting our community here in San Diego. So it is with Pride, Passion & Patriotism that we announce that WARRIOR FOUNDATION & FREEDOM STATION will be the recipient of our Smiles For Life teeth whitening program this year. Warrior Foundation and Freedom Station are right here in San Diego, and provide amazing and critical support for our wounded warriors. Freedom Station is a place where the Wounded Warriors can live, while they transition from defenders of freedom to productive members of America’s civilian work force. In short, “It’s A Home for Heroes.” Please join us in supporting these fine men and women by whitening your teeth or making a donation (of any size), here in our office. Visit

2013 Warrior Foundation Check Presenting


2014 Warrior Foundation Check Presenting


Local Beneficiaries of Smiles for Life charity from our office have been:

How The Smiles For Life Program Works

If you, or anyone you know are interested in easily whitening their teeth, now is the time! For 4 months each year, Jeff Gray, DDS-Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry, along with other local Crown Council dentists, will donate their time and expertise to see that whitening is done professionally and without cost. The whitening products are donated during the campaign by Sinsational Smiles and by Opalescence. We offer In-Office Laser Whitening, or take home whitening trays. You make a tax-deductible charitable donation (amounting to less than the normal cost of whitening) directly to the Smiles For Life Foundation, helping sick and underprivileged children worldwide and right here in our own community. 50% goes to a local charity chosen each year by Jeff Gray DDS- Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry.
More Ways You Can Help

We’ve set a goal to raise at least $1000 this year, in additional donations, apart from donations received from teeth whitening. Please consider donating at least $10 next time you visit our practice.

people_bestA whiter, brighter smile will brighten your life and give you a whole new outlook. Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry, along with other local Crown Council dentist will provide the expertise to see that the whitening is done professionally and without cost.

sinsational-smile-logoThe whitening products will be donated by Sinsational Smiles and Opalescence. You make a charitable donation (amounting to less than the normal cost of whitening) directly to the Smiles For life Foundation to help sick and underprivileged children right here in our own community.

Through a partnership with Garth Brook’s Teammates For Kids Foundation, the Smiles For Life Foundation has made contributions to over 80 children’s charities across North America including:

Major Gifts:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Camp Trillium (Canada)
  • Steven Spielberg’s Starbright Foundation
  • Children’s Dental Center (Los Angeles)
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation (Canada)
  • The American Red Cross (NY Disaster Fund)

Other Gifts:

  • Boys and Girls Club of East County
  • Broad Horizons (La Mesa)
  • Child Abuse Prevention Foundation (La Mesa)
  • Child Abuse Prevention Foundation (San Diego)
  • Child Abuse Prevention Foundation (San Diego)
  • Child Abuse Prevention Foundation (La Mesa)
  • Children’s Dental Health Association of San Diego (La Mesa)
  • Children’s Dental Health Association of San Diego (San Diego)
  • Children’s Hospital and Health Center (San Diego)
  • San Diego Youth & Community Services (San Diego)
  • The St. James / St. Leo Dental Program (La Mesa)
  • Atlanta Community Food Bank Bryan’s House (Dallas)
  • Challenge Aspen Children in Crisis (Mexico City)
  • Children of Romania Children’s Hospital (Austin)
  • Children’s Hospital (Denver)
  • Clarke School for the Deaf (North Hampton, MA)
  • Columbine High School (Littleton, CO)
  • Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Heart to Honduras
  • Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital (Hollywood,FL)
  • Mother’s Choice (Hong Kong)
  • National Association of Street Schools
  • National Jewish Medical Center
  • Padre Scholars (San Diego)
  • Pan American Health organization
  • Project Hope
  • San Diego Blood Bank (San Diego)
  • San Diego Center For Children (San Diego)
  • STAR/PAL (San Diego)
  • TAG Foundation (San Diego)
  • The International Justice Mission (India)
  • Whiz Kids UCLA Children’s Diabetes Center

Smiles For Life Foundation – Total Gift Giving Summary 2011.

Smiles For Life Foundation – Total Gift Giving Summary 1999-2007. Charitable gifts given through the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation through the generosity of the Smiles for Life Foundation.

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Visit the Smiles For Life website to learn more or please call our office, 619-337-7700.