Before & After Testimonials


Sorry I have not been in touch. I have moved out of town, but still want to let you know what an extreme debt I feel I owe you. You wouldn’t believe, or maybe you would, how many people I have never met that comment on my smile. I would say, very conservatively, that I am complemented on my smile by 60% of people I have never met. We’re even talking about waiters in restaurants, bus stop people, as well as CEO’s of companies.

Perhaps one of the most surprising things is that no one ever guesses that I have a movie star smile. They all think it is completely natural. I am not one to lie about it, and when I tell them that it was engineered by artists, they sight the freakishly white smiles that some celebrities get; those that don’t look real. They all have insisted that the smile you gave me looks perfectly real and natural. I am not exaggerating there. They have ALL insisted that.

Thank you very much for changing my life.
-Gordon W. (San Diego, CA)


I’m writing you in regards of our father’s amazing change in attitude after he had completed his sessions with you.

Our father has always been a quick jokester type. A very special man. However, once his teeth went bad, it proved detrimental! Not only to his appearance, but he lost his flare, the part of him that was always lovable and impossible to ignore. He began refusing to go on outings with friends, refused to go back South for family reunions, and refused to smile. Now that he has undergone this transformation, his old self has returned, but more outgoing than before. Now he holds his head high, cracks jokes and SMILES. He is even planning to return to the South to visit his family this year. Thank you so much, for your time, effort, care and support! You gave us back our father!
-Domenic and Chndace



When I first came to your office, I was discouraged by another dentist that there was nothing he could do for me, but dentures. My friend came with me to your office because she knew how scared I was. When I filled out the smile assessment in your office, I wrote, “I need a miracle.” I feel like that is just what I got! I don’t have to cover my mouth with my hand anymore when I smile or laugh. My son, who does not compliment lightly, said, ‘Mom, they’re beautiful!” You and everyone in your office have been wonderful, friendly, kind and compassionate. This has been the best dental experience I have ever had. I am TRULY GRATEFUL and thank all of you so much!
-Sandra G


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