Denture Options For San Diego

Many people have lost their teeth for various reasons, such as disease, tooth decay, or blunt force trauma. Whether you have lost several teeth or even all of them, do not fret because there still is a solution that will have you looking good as new.

Dentures, also known as false teeth, can be used to give you a natural, beautiful smile while also giving you back your ability to chew food with ease.

Full and Partial Denture Sets

Conventional dentures are removable and can be either full or partial. Full or complete dentures are used if you have lost all your teeth on the arches in your upper or lower jaw. If only several teeth are missing, then partial dentures are needed, which will only cover that area with missing teeth.

These are also called overdentures because it fits over your remaining natural teeth. These remaining teeth will support your denture and retain the structure of your jawbone. Overdentures can also be done with implants, called implant supported dentures.

Learn More About Implant Supported Dentures

The Denture Process

Dentures in La Mesa and El CajonThe entire procedure for getting dentures usually takes around three to six weeks over several appointments with your dentist. This includes making impressions of your jaw, creating molds and models, fitting, then casting the final denture and making any necessary adjustments.

Given that this is a sensitive and highly technical process as well as the long-lasting effects on you and your teeth, it is important that you are assured only the most careful of treatment by the most experienced of dentists. Dr. Hurtado, Dr. Gray, and their San Diego dentist team will make sure that you are well taken care of.

Explore Our Partial, Full, or Implant Denture Options at Jeff Gray DDS

Getting dentures is no laughing matter. If you have several teeth missing, then don’t be shy. Schedule an appointment with us today. Dr. Gray and his team will make sure that you will get the dentures that are just the right fit for you so that you can finally smile again if you are in the San Diego area, from La Mesa to El Cajon!

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