Prepless Veneers

A lot of people are scared of visiting the dentist because they think that dental procedures and pain go hand in hand. People who want porcelain veneers for teeth, for instance, are afraid of getting their tooth drilled into or shaved off.

If you are one of those people, worry not because there is a less painful choice: prepless veneers. Instead of being cemented to your teeth permanently like traditional porcelain veneers, a prepless dental veneer is removable and requires minimal drilling.

Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers for Teeth in San Diego

Smiling patient El Cajon received her Lumineers prepless veneers for teeth in San Diego.
At Jeff Gray DDS in La Mesa, we use both Lumineers and DURAthin prepless veneers, depending on what is best for each patient.

Both DURAthin and Lumineers veneers for teeth are unbelievably thin, with many being as thin as 0.2 millimeters. Once they are removed, your teeth will look just like they used to before you had the prepless veneers put in.

Moreover, Dr. Gray or Dr. Hurtado can give you a beautiful new smile in San Diego using these ultrathin veneers for teeth in just one visit because there’s no need for a temporary set of veneers before finally getting the permanent ones.

Thus, DURAthin veneers or Lumineers are a good alternative to the conventional dental veneer path because of their convenience.

Limitations of Prepless Veneers

Not everyone is a candidate for prepless veneers, though. Those with extremely stained or yellowish teeth may not benefit from a thin dental veneer procedure as much because they only go as much as two shades lighter than the color of your natural teeth.

Those with strongly misaligned teeth are also not advised to get Lumineers or DURAthin veneers because these can exaggerate protruding teeth and make your smile look more crooked due to the added bulk to the teeth.

Also, placing prepless veneers on misaligned teeth can result in tooth grinding because of the additional and unequal thickness added to your teeth.

Prepless veneers can be a miracle solution to your tooth problems because of their ease and convenience, but they are definitely not for everyone. Here at Dr. Gray’s La Mesa dentist office outside of San Diego, our highly-trained and experienced dentists and staff can determine what the best solution is for you. After all, every smile is unique.

Get a New Smile with Prepless Veneers!

Schedule a dental veneer appointment with us now to find out if you are a viable candidate for DURAthin or Lumineers veneers for teeth if you are in the San Diego area, from La Mesa to El Cajon!

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