Patient Comforts

Comfortable Cosmetic Dental Care in La Mesa, CA

Just talking about dental visits will many times elicit a negative response from many people. In some cases, anxiety is associated with dental treatment. Many times, these feelings can stem from negative experiences in the past.

Not only do we understand these reactions, but we work hard to change your perception of dental care. Dr. Gray will never lecture or scold you for not seeing a dentist in years, or for the condition of your mouth.

You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed.  We have seen it all. His average sedation patient has not had regular care for an average of 10-15 years.  Like we said, we understand, we care, and best of all, we can help.

Our Cosmetic Dental Comfort Menu

Unlike the typical, stark feel of most dental offices, we have created a soothing, peaceful atmosphere, with your comfort and privacy being our utmost concern.  From our Relaxation Dream Room (See Below) to our refreshment center, where drinks and snacks are provided for you.

You may be surprised to feel, as many of our clients do, that a visit to the dental office can actually be enjoyable! We want you to not only love your new smile, but also enjoy the process of getting there.

Dr. Gray discussed ways he and his office make dentistry comfortable on his recent interview on The Wellness Hour.

When you are with us, your comfort and health are of the utmost concern. We offer the following features to keep you smiling and happy during your visits:

  • Special custom Tempurpedic chair pads and neck pillows.
  • A warm blanket for our sleep patients or those who feel the office is too cool.
  • Noise-canceling headphones with dozens of satellite music channels.
  • Virtual Vision goggles which allow you to watch your favorite movie or TV program.
  • Laughing gas for our patients who want to relax and be able to return to work.
  • Sleep pills— “one pill sedation dentistry” for our patients who would rather be asleep while we care for them.
  • Juice and refreshment bar— including sodas, water, and juices.
  • On-time appointments because we concentrate just on one patient at a time— we strive to never keep you waiting.
  • All finances will be discussed before any treatment.
  • A warm caring and attentive team to ensure your every comfort is handled just the way that pleases you!

Relaxation Dream Room

This is a specially designed room just for your stress relief and comfort.  Come early or stay after your visit to decompress and enjoy a few minutes of tranquil relaxation.

A massaging recliner will gently caress your body to a dreamlike state while tranquil music soothes your mind.  Even if you don’t have an appointment, you are welcome to drop by anytime and enjoy this room along with our refreshment and juice bar.

Have a Soothing Dental Visit Here in San Diego

We are confident that you will enjoy your next visit to our office. Call today for an appointment if you are in the La Mesa – El Cajon area.