John’s Invisalign Story

I never wore braces as a kid, and seeing what many of my friends went through at the time, I was glad. But as I got older, I started becoming more and more self-conscious of my smile. Let’s face it, crooked teeth cannot only be unhealthy, but unattractive as well. I knew that I wanted straight teeth, but at what cost? I was now at a point in my life where I had built a business that required me to meet with clients daily. Or if I wasn’t meeting with them, I was definitely talking to them. The thought of having to do this with a mouth full of braces wasn’t too appealing. So, like most people that are faced with this type of situation, I just put it off. That is until one day, approximately two years ago. I was sitting in Dr. Gray’s office expressing my concerns regarding braces, and he suggested Invisalign, a nearly invisible alternative to braces. I was somewhat blown away by the concept, and decided that if I qualified (because apparently, not everyone does) I would do it

If you’ve never heard of the Invisalign system, or you’re unfamiliar with how it works, well it’s kind of like the trays that you use to whiten your teeth, except they fit more snug. During the first week, I wore them, my teeth were pretty sore. But considering that their purpose is to permanently move your teeth, a little soreness was expected. However, the soreness went away relatively fast (within the first week or so). Now every once in a while, I will experience a little soreness, but not enough to slow me down. Since I started wearing Invisalign aligners, I wear them all the time (day and night), except when I eat or brush my teeth. In the beginning, talking with them took a little getting used to, but again, after a short period, I was totally used to them. The best thing is that most people can’t even tell I’m wearing them. It’s actually kind of interesting because I’ve found that the only time anyone notices them is when I’m wearing sunglasses. I would imagine that’s because people typically look at your eyes when they speak to you, that is unless you’re wearing sunglasses. Then they tend to look at your mouth.

I’m coming to the end of my time with Invisalign system, and I have to say that the results are amazing! I can’t believe how straight my teeth have become. I highly recommend Invisalign for anyone considering braces. They are especially nice for adults, as they are virtually invisible. You just pop them out to eat, brush your teeth, or floss. I never thought having straight teeth could be so easy and relatively convenient.

Without Invisalign
With Invisalign