Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy For A Toothache In San Diego

Root canal dentist in Sandiego serving La Mesa and El CajonYour teeth and your bones are made up of very similar materials, and are the most durable and robust parts of your body. However, they are far from being indestructible. Your bones can break, get brittle, and even get infected. What more can you expect from your teeth, which are much more exposed than your bones?

If you have felt any pain or discomfort or just general wear and tear, it is best to set an appointment and visit our San Diego dentist office in La Mesa for a checkup as soon as possible.

If you delay having yourself checked, then it might lead to further complications and more problems in the future. It might turn out that you are in need of a root canal.

What are root canals?

Whenever you feel discomfort or pain in your tooth, the likely cause is bacteria that have burrowed through the enamel of your tooth. Once the bacteria reach the central nerve of your tooth, you will start to experience pain or great discomfort, and you need to get your tooth checked at once.

Perhaps the most advisable solution to this problem, according to dentists, is to get a root canal procedure. This is done by removing the infected tooth pulp from the root of your tooth.

You shouldn’t worry about any dangerous side effects because the tooth no longer needs the pulp once it is already fully formed. Once this pulp is extracted, a dental crown is secured with a special adhesive in order to seal the surface of the tooth.

After the procedure is complete, you will be truly pain-free and can go back to enjoying every meal and every smile like nothing ever happened.

You Can Have Comfort Along With Restored Health!

Dr. Gray, Dr. Hurtado, and their San Diego dentist team make root canals much easier and more comfortable compared to the past. Along with modern dentistry, we also offer sedation dentistry services if anxiety or fear are holding you back from getting the true toothache relief that you deserve.

Given the importance of a procedure such as a root canal, you shouldn’t just visit any dentist out there. With our dental team’s experience in the field, you can be assured that you will only receive the most professional and effective treatment.

Give us a call today to get relief if you are in the San Diego area, including La Mesa and El Cajon!

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