Performance Solutions for Athletes

Under Armour Performance Mouthwear: Solutions for Every Athlete

The technology is patented.  The performance is proven.  The advantages are undeniable.

UA Performance Mouthpieces deliver a host of physical benefits that help you train harder and compete at a higher level than ever before.  UA Performance Mouthguards provide those same benefits, with the added benefit of customized dental protection.

UA Performance mouthguard in San Diego and La Mesa UA PERFORMANCE MOUTHPIECE for non-contact sports. Designed for optimal fit and comfort.
UA Performance mouthguard dentist La Mesa and El Cajon UA PERFORMANCE ALLOY MOUTHPIECEfor non-contact sports. Ultra-strong and durable for the most demanding athlete.
Performance mouthguard San Diego and La Mesa UA PERFORMANCE MOUTHGUARD for contact sports. Superior protection and comfort.

Once you have decided which model is right for you, getting your own Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ is a simple process.  At the first appointment, we will take your bite impressions. In about a week, your custom mouthwear will be ready for your final fitting and delivery. Give us a call today to learn more if you are in the San Diego area, including La Mesa and El Cajon.

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