Digital X-Rays

Cosmetic Dentistry – Digital X-Rays

New Dental X-rays Reduce Radiation By 90%

Digital X-RaysThis amazing piece of equipment didn’t even exist just 5 years ago. The role of digital images has come to replace traditional x-ray film in dentistry.

We have obtained the latest technology for the health and safety of our patients. Because of fluoridated water, tooth enamel has become more resistant to decay. This is great except it makes it very difficult to detect on traditional x-rays.

Digital x-ray images provide 300-400% times more information in a much clearer and accurate format.

We can see problems much earlier and now can help our patients avoid unpleasant surprises. Patients also can clearly see what we see, so they are excited to be a part of their treatment.

These new Digital X-rays are dramatically quicker and more comfortable than previously possible! Which means spending less time in the office – a big plus for most of our patients.

Because the digital image appears nearly instantly, no developing is required, so there is no need to use chemicals that will eventually be released into the environment.

With the speed, accuracy, and comfort of this new system, you’ll be very pleased with the results along with the 90% reduction in the already low radiation level traditionally used.