Concern Resolutions

Cosmetic Dentistry Concerns

As you consider pursuing dental treatment, several questions may arise. We are always available to address any specific concerns you might have. You can rest assured that with our extensive experience, we have encountered situations like yours before and can offer suggestions to help move you closer to the smile you dream about.

Perhaps an inability to overcome your fears or concerns has caused you to delay seeking quality dental work or smile design treatment. Maybe you couldn’t find answers to your questions. Let us show you how to overcome some of the hurdles that may be present for you. Your reward will be a healthy, beautiful smile you can be proud of.

We want to help with your concerns. Read on to find out how we can alleviate any anxiety you have over the process.

Time Frames

Cosmetic Dentistry Concerns – Time Frames

We take great pride in customizing your personalized treatment plan. As we discuss your options, we will do our best to work with you in completing your case according to your requested time frames.

For some, that means doing a lot of treatments at once and over a short period of time. For others, it may be best to divide the project into several phases to occur over several months. Some procedures can be completed in one visit, while others are more complex and must be planned to allow ample time for design and development by our laboratories on the west coast.

In order to determine the best way to meet your goals, we will need to thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your dental health.

At your first visit, we will spend time talking with you to discover what your goals are for your smile. We will then gather diagnostic information such as x-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth, and complete a comprehensive oral exam.

With this information, Dr. Gray will be able to carefully study not only the cosmetic aspects of your smile, but also the bite, function, and health of your teeth and gums. After compiling all this data, we will invite you to discuss with us the options available to you in attaining the smile you want.


Cosmetic Dentistry Concerns – Pain

We certainly understand why some people are reluctant to seek dental care due to previous painful experiences. We will invite you to share with us your specific concerns, so we can understand any anxiety you might have.

It is always gratifying to hear our clients report that they were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable dental care can be. Painless injection techniques, long-lasting local anesthetics, and advancements with materials have made our procedures more comfortable than you may think.

Even for extensive treatments, most of our clients are able to return to their normal activities within a day after their procedure.

Your comfort is always our top priority. In order to make your dental experiences pleasant, we offer several options to keep you relaxed during your visits.

In addition to the relaxation techniques such as music and movies, laughing gas is also available at all your visits, and each one of our clinical staff members are certified in the administration and monitoring of laughing gas.
Some people benefit from other oral medications to help calm and relax them. We can discuss prescription drugs that can ease your mind and make your dental treatment more pleasant.


Cosmetic Dentistry Concerns – Costs

All of us at Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry are confident that our fees fairly reflect not only the quality of materials and service we deliver, but also the experience and advanced education of our dentist and his laboratory support.

Our value-based services provide you with the opportunity to invest in your smile and enjoy the return on your investment for years to come. Fee estimates specific to your treatment will be discussed in detail following a full diagnostic review of your smile.

Many of our clients take advantage of several financing plans we have available, including some no-interest plans and other long-term options. While these plans are maintained by outside agencies, we can help facilitate the application process.

If you have a dental insurance policy, some of our services may be included in your benefits. As a service to you, we will submit all insurance claims and provide the documentation needed to enable you to receive reimbursements as your policy allows.


Cosmetic Dentistry Concerns – Durability

If you bought a new car and asked the salesperson how long it would last, what would they say? Longevity of a car would depend on such things as your driving habits, maintenance, and numerous other factors.

When considering porcelain dentistry such as smile design, people often ask, “How long will these restorations last?” This is a difficult question to answer accurately, due to the fact that the longevity of man-made dental work depends on many factors such as diet, bite, habits (i.e. nail-biting, clenching, grinding), and home care. The best way to reply to this question is to tell you that we consider these restorations to be long-term and durable.

Some cosmetic dentists predict that they will last 15 years or more. Dr. Gray has been doing veneers for nearly 20 years, and some of them still look very nice. It speaks volumes to know that many dentists have come to Dr. Gray to have their smiles enhanced with porcelain restorations.

We understand that this level of dental work is an investment, and we intend to make that investment a good one for you.

Health and Safety Standards

Cosmetic Dentistry Health and Safety

Some patients have concerns about the safety of X-rays as well as the need for them in the cosmetic dental office.

Although X-rays and radiation sound scary, the amount of radiation used to expose dental X-rays is very small. In fact, the average American may actually receive more radiation from sitting in front of the family television during a year than from traditional X-rays taken at most dentists’ office.

Now, even that small amount of radiation has been reduced approximately 90% through digital X-rays, like the kind we use exclusively at Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Digital X-rays also have advantages like colorizing areas of decay for easier detection, the elimination of processing chemicals and time involved, and easier storage on computers.

We care about maintaining the health and beauty of your smile, and dental X-rays are an indispensable part of diagnosing your oral health. X-rays are taken to detect a number of conditions or diseases in the mouth. By taking them periodically, this helps us detect adverse situations early — before they become big problems.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about dental X-rays, just ask. We’re here to help.

Dental Sterilization and Infection Control

Comfort comes in many forms. Our sanitary standards create a worry-free environment that extends comfort even after your visit.

Sterilization and the prevention of illness should be a concern of all dental offices. One of the prime sources of contamination can be water. Our filtering, self-contained water system creates 99.9% pure water for use in all treatment situations.

All instruments connected to the water system that touch patients are heat-sterilized after each patient’s use in a process called autoclaving. Items that are not heat-sterilized are disposed of, and a new one is used for each patient.

Talk to Us About Your Concerns

If you have any concerns about your cosmetic treatment, talk to our office. We want to help you feel confident as you begin treatment here at Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry.