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Superficial cuts in the skin subside without a trace, infections are eradicated with antibiotics, broken bones mend, and inflamed tissues recede. Our teeth, unfortunately, can’t regenerate. Decay can be halted in its progress, but scientists are still years away from actual enamel regeneration. That’s why the team at Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry strongly emphasizes preventative dentistry.


Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every day. These simple habits provide the first line of defense against dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay. They also prevent the need for costlier cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures later in life.

You need a second line of defense against bacteria, plaque and calculus buildup. Regular teeth cleanings with one of our dental hygienists here in San Antonio provide that second line of defense and will help you achieve and maintain good oral health. Be proactive about your oral health, schedule a teeth cleaning with us!


Modern fillings have many advantages over those in years past. There are stronger and more natural-looking materials. A filling can return structure and stability to a tooth while helping to relieve tooth pain. Many of our patients are not aware that white fillings are available. You can even replace old amalgam fillings with white fillings and give your mouth a makeover!

If you’d like to get rid of your silver fillings,┬áschedule an appointment with us. At Jeff Gray DDS in La Mesa, our services include general and cosmetic dentistry. We also specialize in dental implants, Invisalign invisible braces, and sedation dentistry. Call us today.

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