Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Are La Mesa Dental Implants Worth It?

Dental implants have been hailed as one of the greatest advances in dentistry, but that doesn’t mean deciding to get one is easy. There is much to consider, but at Jeff Gray DDS | Espire Dental, we believe they are worth it.

One of the things that makes a lot of people think twice about implants is the cost. There’s no way around that; even the best dental insurance policies only cover implants up to a point.

It’s important to remember that implants are made the same materials used in surgeries like hip replacement. Bone grafting may be required, if the patient doesn’t have enough healthy bone mass.

Issues like that must be weighed against the purely pragmatic. Can you place a value on the ability to eat and chew food normally? Because they are physically attached to the jaw bone, dental implants function like natural teeth. That’s true whether it’s a single tooth replacement, or whether the implants are anchoring a dental arch.

And then there is your smile, of course. Teeth are one of the first things we notice about other people. No one wants to go around hiding their smile.

A full set of teeth is priceless, and with dental implants from Jeff Gray DDS | Espire Dental, you can have one. Patients from San Diego, Alpine, El Cajon, and Santee have benefitted from them, as well as from our general dentistry. Call for an appointment today!

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