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Tooth Restoration in La Mesa

At  Jeff Gray DDS | Espire Dental in San Diego we use a variety of techniques to restore damaged teeth. These fall into the category of restorative dentistry, which we will describe in this blog post.

The most common restorative dentistry procedure is probably the traditional filling. Most people have at least one by the time they reach adulthood.  Traditional fillings are also called ‘direct restorations’ because they are applied to the tooth and then shaped and polished in one visit.

Another type of filling is called an ‘indirect restoration’ and is fabricated in a dental lab. There are two types: inlays and onlays.

Other restorative dentistry procedures:

  • Crowns. Sometimes called “caps,” crowns are a cover that fit over a tooth that has been repaired after damage or decay. The crown stdrengthens and protects it.
  • Bridges. A dental bridge supports one or several artificial teeth. The support is called a bridge because it “bridges” the gap caused by the missing teeth.
  • Dental implants. Implants are titanium posts inserted into the jaw. They can support one or more artificial teeth, and several can support a dental arch (denture).

These procedures are important because filling empty spaces in the mouth keeps remaining teeth from shifting in place, and also makes it easier to maintain goo dental health.

Whether the damage is caused by decay, injury, bite problems, or natural wear  Jeff Gray DDS | Espire Dental in San Diego will help you choose the best restorative dentistry option for your needs. Our patients come from San Diego, Alpine, El Cajon, and Santee for complete general dentistry. Schedule your next checkup today!

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